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Synthetic Inhibitors of Proteins

Inhibitors of influenza virus   
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We aimed to develop “dual functional” inhibitors targeted against influenza hemagglutinin and sialidase. Our dream is to reduce the emergence of drug-resistant strains.

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Inhibitors of glycosidases: azasugars and carbasugars


Five membered azasugars are potent inhibitors of glycosidases. The type of compound is considered to mimic a transition state. We started the project at RIKEN institute with Prof. Chi-Huey Wong. Up until now, we fond very strong and specific inhibitors against GlcNAc-ase and GalNAc-ase, respectively.

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Polymeric inhibitors         
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GM3 containing polymer (polyglutamate) was found to be extremely potent inhibitor of influenza infection. The substitution content of the ligand glycan is surprisingly ca 1%.

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Alpha-Galactosyl Ceramide

Synthesis and evaluation of analogues of alpha-Gal-Cer

Collaboration with Dr. Shimamura. We discovered alpha-Man-Cer specifically induced a NKT cell repertoire.

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Synthetic methodology in oligosaccharide synthesis

Orthogonal glycosylation      
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Hydrogenation with Pd nanoparticles

A new catalyst for the hydrogenation! A stable nanoparticle of Palldium(0) is very much stronger catalyst than ordinary Pd/C, and it works for solid-phase synthesis.

We confirmed this particle is stable for more than 10 years as a solution.

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Monitoring of solid-phase reactions by 13C NMR

A non-destructive method of quantitative monitoring of solid-phase synthesis. A set of stable isotopes were used to monitor the reaction course where one is used as "a stationary beacon".

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Combinatorial oligosaccharide library

A most challenging chemistry, synthesis of a combinatoial oligosaccharide library.

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