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  1. 1.Structure, Function and Formation of Glycans in Drosophila.

  2. Yamamoto-Hino,M., Okano,H., Kanie,O. and Goto,S.

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  4. 2.Microfluidic device enabling synthesis of a tetrasaccharide aiming at “Golgi Simulator”

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  1. 3.3,4-Dihydroxypyrrolidine as glycosidase inhibitor

  2. Suzuki, K. Nakahara, T. Kanie, O.

  3. Curr. Top. Med. Chem., 2009, 9, 34-57. <REVIEW>

  1. 4.Energy-resolved mass spectrometry (ERMS) of oligosaccharide

  2. Kurimoto, A. Daikoku, S. Kanie, O.

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  1. 5.Stationary solid-phase reaction (SSPR) for oligosaccharide synthesis

  2. Ako, T. Kanie, O.
    Experimental Glycoscience, Glycobiology, Springer, Ed. Taniguchi, N., 2008, 164-165. <Book chapter>

  1. 6.Saturation transfer difference NMR spectroscopy to indentify ligand epitopes and binding specificities

  2. Meyer, B. Klein, J. Mayer, M. Meinecke, R. Moller, H. Neffe, A. Schuster, O. Wulfken, J. Ding, Y. Kanie, O. Labbe, J. Palcic, M. M. Hindsgaul, O. Wagner, B. Ernst, B.
    Leucocyte Trafficking, Hamann, A.; Asadullah, K.; Schottelius, A. Eds., Springer, 2003, pp149-168. <Book chapter>

  1. 7.Synthetic strategies

  2. Saotome, C. Kanie, O.
    Carbohydrate-based Drug Discovery, Wong C.-H. Ed., Wiley-VCH, 2003, pp1-33. <Book chapter>

  1. 8.Pd nanoparticles

  2. Kanie, O. Wong, C.-H.
    Encyclopedia of Reagent for Organic Synthesis, Wipf, P. Ed., John-Wiley and Sons, Ltd, 2003, pp185-186. <Book chapter>

  1. 9.Design syntheses of inhibitors of glycoenzymes

  2. Yuasa, H. Saotome, C. Kanie, O.
    Trends Glycosci. Glycotechnol., 2002, 14, 231-251. <REVIEW>

  1. 10.Recent developments in oligosaccharide synthesis: Tactics, solid-phase synthesis and library synthesis

  2. Kanemitsu, T. Kanie, O.
    Comb. Chem. High Thrughput Screen. 2002, 5, 339-360.

  1. 11.Carbohydrate libraries by the random glycosylation approach

  2. Kanie, O. Hindsgaul, O.

  3. Solid Support Oligosaccharide Synthesis and Combinatorial Carbohydrate Libraries", Seeberger P. Ed., John Wiley & Sons Publishers, 2001, pp239-256. <Book chapter>

  1. 12.Orthogonal strategy in oligosaccharide synthesis

  2. Kanie, O.

  3. Carbohydrates in Chemistry and Biology, Ernst, B.; Hart, G.; Sinay, P. Eds., Wiley-VCH, 2000 Vol. 1, pp407-426. <Book chapter>

  1. 13.Carbohydrate-related Libraries

  2. Kanemitsu, T. Kanie, O.

  3. Trends Glycosci. Glycotechnol. 1999, 11, 267-276. <REVIEW>

  1. 14.Recent advances in synthesis of glycoconjugates

  2. Kanie, O. Ogawa, T. Ito, Y.

  3. J. Synth. Org. Chem. Jpn. Special Issue in Engl. 1998, 56, 952-962. <REVIEW>

  1. 15.Recent aspects of glycoconjugates synthesis: Orthogonal glycosylation strategy

  2. Kanie, O. Ogawa, T.

  3. Medicinal Chemistry: Today and Tomorrow, Yamazaki, M., Ed., Blackwell Science Ltd, Oxford, 1997, pp221-226. <Book chapter>

  1. 16.Synthesis and biological activity of oligosacharide libraries

  2. Ding, Y. Kanie, O. Labbe, J. Palcic, M. M. Ernst, B. Hindsgaul, O.

  3. Glycoimmunology, Advances in Experimental Medicine Series. Alaviad, A. and Axford, J. S. eds. 1995, pp261-269. <Book Chapter>

  1. 17.Synthetic probes of GlcNAcT V

  2. Kanie, O. Monica, P. Hindsgaul, O.

  3. RIKEN Rev., 1995, 8, 53-54. <REVIEW>

  1. 18.Comments for "Solid-phase chemical-enzymatic synthesis of glycopeptides and oligosaccharides

  2. Kanie, O. Ogawa, T.

  3. Chemtracts Org. Chem., 1994, 7, 196-198. <REVIEW>

  1. 19.Synthesis of oligosaccharides, glycolipids and glycopeptides

  2. Kanie, O. Hindsgaul, O.

  3. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol., 1992, 2, 674-681. <REVIEW>

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